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Leather saddle bag review - Tracey Johnson

Beautiful bag!....Quality of the leather is outstanding, Excellent customer services and super fast delivery!

Would definitely recommend!

Customer service review - Sarah Austin 

Thank you so much for sending the bag so promptly, it arrived yesterday.

Hats off to you and your friendly approach to business, something so rarely seen nowadays!

I cannot rate Truly Moroccan highly enough on their customer services. They have replied quickly to any correspondance in a very helpful and friendly manner providing a solution that far exceeded any that I have experienced before from companies both large and small. They really made me feel that my custom was important to them. Deliveries of the items were very prompt, and the products are gorgeous!! All hail Truly Moroccan!! 

Argan oil review - Tila L

I have very fine, naturally blonde hair that's at times prone to dryness and frizziness, particularly right after washing it. I add 3 drops of this oil to my everyday conditioner, leave it on for a little longer than usual and rinse off. The result is lovely: my hair feels soft and strokable, and heavier (in a very good way), like every strand is supported and nourished. At first I tried using the oil as a leave-in treatment (4 drops after towel drying), but this resulted in an oily look - perhaps I just used too much, as less is more with this rich oil. Works well to calm down and nourish the ends, and lasts for ages as a drop or two is enough.

My skin is mixed, prone to dryness on the T-zone. I used the oil like a night cream on my nose and around the eyes, which left the skin nourished, not too oily like I feared it might. I also mix a drop or two in with my facial scrub, and it's so effective I don't necessarily even need to moisturise afterwards!
I also mix it with my body lotion, specifically on areas with scars and stretch marks, for which Vit E is supposed to be very good.

The pipette is fantastic for dosing the exact amount you want. To me the scent is very pleasant: subtle, nutty and natural. It may come as a shock if you're expecting your usual perfumed beauty product so it may not be for everyone, but personally I love the natural nuttiness.

Argan oil review - Amy Morris

 I was absolutely thrilled with this product. Although it is an ‘oil’ it never made my face break out in spots, so this should put many of your minds at rest! It left the skin on my face feeling nourished every morning so I was happy that it had reached the deeper layers of my skin which really needs the fantastic nutrients promised to be in the Argan Oil. The nutrients that have been linked to preventing aging, treating dry skin and treating many other skin conditions. It was winter when I tried the Argan Oil, so I really felt my skin was stressed out and dry – the best time to sample this oil!

The same goes for the skin on my body and the ends of my hair. Both felt much softer after using it, as I had been cranking the heating up most days during winter!

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